New Eco-Friendly Product Prevents Bug Bites!

Lita’s No-See-Um No More® is an all-natural, eco-friendly, dual purpose product that prevents insect bites but also soothes the itch from insect bites. It consists of essential oils (Sesame, Patchouli and Tea Tree) and does not contain DEET, synthetic chemicals or diluents. Happy customers report that it works for them wherever they travel around the world.

REPELLENT: Don’t want to get bit by the local insects? Lita’s No-See-Um No More® is effective in protecting you from being bit by: black flies, chiggers, deer flies, fire ants, gnats, horseflies, mosquitoes, no-see-ums, sand flies, ticks and tsetse flies.

ITCH RELIEF: Did you forget to apply insect repellent? Lita’s No-See-Um No More® is effective in soothing the itch from insect bites. Apply to the bite before scratching and feel the itch go away! It is not recommended you apply this to exposed wounds.

While visiting the Caribbean I was bit by the local mosquitoes and sand flies and I had little success finding a product that prevented me from getting bit. I was still relying on Benadryl to stop itching from the bites I did get. Because I had to be covered with products made with synthetic chemicals, and take Benadryl, 24 hours a day, I was concerned about what my body was absorbing through my pores and the pills I was taking to stop the itch.

I developed a natural product that protects me from being bit by the local insects and soothes the itch if I missed a spot. Finally I have relief and do not get bit or itch anymore!

I started sharing my blend of essential oils with friends and they urged me to start marketing so others would benefit. Lita’s No-See-Um No More® has been in business since 2014 and is used worldwide. We are located in the USA and ship worldwide. Manufacturing is within the USA and the only things purchased outside the USA are the high quality essential oils found around the world. We don’t sacrifice quality.

Lita’s No-See-Um No More® is “dual purpose” meaning you can use it as an insect repellent or for itch relief from insect bites. Now you have one bottle that replaces two bottles you would normally have to purchase!

Lita’s No-See-Um No More® is made with the highest quality of essential oils found around the world. Read our ingredients, you will notice you are receiving 100% essential oils to give you maximum protection and that no water is listed or other diluents.

Remember, no one product protects everyone. Over 95% of our customers love our products, make repeat purchases, and refer us to their family and friends. If you like our product, save the bottles because they are all refillable.